The Manila Strangler

Here is an exclusive interview with PI Karen Thorn:

Today I am interviewing Karen Thorn, the main character from my novel The Manila Strangler, a riveting story of a private investigator and a Philadelphia police detective who try to catch a serial killer in the City of Brotherly Love.

P.I. Karen Thorn and Det. Sean O’Brien hunt for the killer, who uses a length of manila rope to strangle his victims, after Thorn is hired by the father of the first victim. The suspects include a shady politician, a notorious mobster, and a professional football player, all of whom have strong motives for murder. Meanwhile, Karen prepares for a crucial boxing match against an opponent with ties to organized crime, and she endangers herself by refusing to cooperate with a vicious gangster who will do anything to make a profit. The murder investigation is further complicated by a newspaper reporter who doggedly pursues the high-profile case.

Steven Donahue: Karen, in this investigation, you are paired with an old flame, Sean O’Brien. What was it like to work with him on this case?

Karen Thorn: It was awkward at first. But Sean is a real professional; he handled himself appropriately the whole time we worked together. Still, I think it was as hard for him as it was for me, and maybe there were still some feelings there, for both of us.

SD: You were a decorated Philadelphia police detective at one time. What challenges did you face as a female detective in the department?

KT: You would be surprised. Even in the 21st Century, there were still some men who didn’t like having a woman on the job. I had to work twice as hard as a man to prove my worth. I mostly dealt with sneering, vulgar language and cold shoulders, but it never got physical.

SD: How did you wind up becoming a private investigator?

KT: I loved being a cop. I loved serving the people. But it wasn’t easy following all the rules. Sometimes my emotions got the best of me, especially dealing with perps. I may have been overly rough with a few of them. That’s what the department accused me of when they ordered me off of the force. As a private investigator, I am my own boss. I like being in control of my life and not worrying about regulations. I answer only to my clients and all they really want are results.

SD: Your father was a Philly cop in his day. How did that influence your career choice?

KT: My dad was a great cop. He was popular and respected on the force. As I grew up, he would tell me some of his war stories and I loved them. I don’t think he was trying to groom me to follow in his footsteps, but that is what happened. I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to make him proud. I hope I did.

SD: What led you to become a professional boxer?

KT: I took boxing lessons as a kid to toughen up and protect myself. The more I learned about the sport, the more I loved it. It allowed me a reasonable outlet for anger and aggression. My first trainer told me I was a natural and I stayed with it through all these years. Boxing is the only thing I loved as much as being a cop.

SD: How do you balance your work life with your boxing career?

KT: It is a real challenge. Fortunately, I have a great assistant, Dana Cassidy, who manages my caseload and keeps me pointed in the right direction. I also have a terrific trainer named Goldie Tanner, who knows when to push me and when to back off. I’d be lost without either of them in my life.

SD: This Manila Strangler case looks look a tough one to solve. How confident are you that you and Sean will find the killer?

KT: Sean is a great detective. I wouldn’t want anyone else working with me on this case. This killer is clever and careful, so we have our hands full trying to stop him or her. I’m hoping the killer’s ego will work in our favor, since the killer is leaving us clues. It will take all of our skills to solve this case.

Who is the Manila Strangler?

What do the victims have in common?

Will Karen and Sean find the killer?

Find out for yourself.

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